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Time (2018)

Time (2018) Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Time is a 2018 Korean Mystery Romantic Melodrama that is Now dubbed in Hindi and Provided by Playflix. You can watch Time in Hindi on Playflix and Enjoy this Drama for free. You can Watch and Download the drama in Hindi Dubbed. If you don’t know how you can watch then watch the how to download video below. Hope you enjoy this drama and make sure to share and comment your thoughts.


Drama: South Korean
Total Episodes: 32
Duration: 35 min.
Content Rating: 15+
Aired: Jul 25, 2018 – Sep 20, 2018
Also Known as: Shigan , 時間
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Melodrama


In a bustling city, fate intertwined the lives of two individuals from contrasting worlds, initiating an unforeseen chain of events that altered their destinies.

Seol Ji Hyun, despite facing adversities, emanated warmth and joy in every step she took, an embodiment of resilience and positivity. On the other hand, Cheon Soo Ho, a man of affluence wrapped in a cold exterior, harbored inner turmoil, hidden behind the façade of his successful life.

Their first encounter was marked by misunderstandings and an unpleasant atmosphere, but the tides turned drastically when tragedy struck. Ji Hyun’s sister met an untimely demise in Soo Ho’s residence, leaving Ji Hyun shattered and trapped in a desolate existence, frozen in time with her spirit dampened by sorrow.

Haunted by guilt and a deep sense of responsibility, Soo Ho vowed to atone for the unintended consequences of that tragic day. With only six months left to live due to a terminal illness, he dedicated himself to rekindling the light within Ji Hyun’s soul, which had been extinguished by grief.

As the two gravitated towards each other amidst the bleakness of their circumstances, an unexpected bond emerged. Soo Ho’s genuine efforts to mend Ji Hyun’s shattered world gradually thawed her frozen heart, leading her to rediscover the beauty of life despite her immense loss. In this delicate dance between fleeting time and the power of love, the duo found solace, redemption, and an unforeseen connection blossomed between them.

However, amidst their growing affection, an inevitable question loomed large: can love flourish when the sands of time are running out? Their poignant journey navigated the complexities of love, fate, and the inexorable passage of time, painting a unique and heartfelt tale of two souls finding solace and purpose in each other’s presence despite the looming shadow of mortality.


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Imagine discovering you have limited time left to live—how would it alter your perspective?

In the drama “Time,” Cheon Soo-Ho (portrayed by the magnetic Kim Jung-Hyun) embodies the role of a chaebol heir, initially depicted as entitled and purposeless. Diagnosed with a terminal illness and given six months to live, his life takes an unexpected turn. As he grapples with mortality, he devotes his remaining days to aiding Seol Ji-Hyun (portrayed by the remarkable Seohyun), a woman he had wronged.

The drama’s initial half is a dark exploration of despair, expertly portrayed despite its melancholic undertones. Kim Jung-Hyun’s evolution from his previous roles showcases his growth as an actor, while Seohyun’s performance is notably elevated, especially in her scenes alongside Kim Jung-Hyun.

Behind-the-scenes controversies affected the show, leading to Kim Jung-Hyun’s early departure. However, the narrative could have transitioned smoothly, focusing on the strength of its female leads. Unfortunately, this potential was not fully realized post his exit. The subsequent episodes lacked the depth previously sustained, veering into commonplace melodrama.

The show’s later episodes without Kim Jung-Hyun felt lackluster, exposing a reliance on his presence. This shift highlighted a decline in substance, presenting shallow conflicts and aimless character pursuits.

Ultimately, “Time” faltered thematically, losing its earlier strength and descending into mundane melodrama. Yet, the first 12 episodes held promise, warranting a relatively higher rating.

Kim Jung-Hyun’s powerhouse performance undoubtedly stole the spotlight, making one ponder if his absence exposed deeper flaws within the series. Regardless, his talent shines through, making him a performer to watch out for once his health permits.

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