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The Romance of Tiger and Rose

The Romance of Tiger and Rose [Chinese Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed. The Romance of Tiger and Rose is a 2020 Chinese Historical Comedy Romantic Fantasy that is Now dubbed in Hindi and Provided by Tapmad. You can watch The Romance of Tiger and Rose in Hindi on Tapmad and Enjoy this Drama for free. You can Watch and Download the drama in Hindi Dubbed. If you don’t know how you can watch then watch the how to download video below. Hope you enjoy this drama and make sure to share and comment your thoughts.


Drama: Chinese
Total Episodes: 24
Status: Every Wednesday
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: 13+
Aired: May 18, 2020 – Jun 1, 2020
Also Known as: Chuan Wen Zhong De San Gong Zhu , The Third Princess From the Rumors , The Rumored Third Princess , 传闻中的三公主 , The rumored Chen Qianqian , TROTR , 傳聞中的陳芊芊 , The Romance of Tiger and Rose Season 1 , Chuan Wen Zhong De Chen Qian Qian
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy


As Chen Xiao Qian celebrates the sale of her TV series script, she is unexpectedly thrust into the surreal world of her own creation. Transported into her script’s universe as the Third Princess Chen Qian Qian, she finds herself in a side character’s role, struggling to navigate the story’s perilous twists.

In this fantastical realm, Xiao Qian’s knowledge of the script proves to be both a blessing and a curse. Aware of her impending demise at the hands of Prince Han Shuo, the enigmatic male lead, she embarks on a quest to rewrite her fate and ensure her survival.

However, as she tries to alter the storyline and avoid her predetermined tragic end, Xiao Qian realizes that the scripted events are resistant to change. Encountering unexpected challenges and unforeseen consequences, she must maneuver through the intricacies of palace intrigue, dangerous political alliances, and magical forces at play.

With her newfound identity as Chen Qian Qian, she forges unlikely alliances with secondary characters, each harboring their own ambitions and secrets. Alongside her quest for survival, Xiao Qian’s presence begins to disrupt the story’s fabric, triggering unforeseen repercussions that threaten the script’s narrative coherence.

As she grapples with the complexities of this fictional world, Xiao Qian discovers unexpected depths to her characters and relationships. Her interactions with Prince Han Shuo, initially antagonistic, gradually evolve into a nuanced dynamic that challenges the script’s prescribed boundaries of love and fate.

Balancing her determination to rewrite the script and return home with the growing connections she forms, Xiao Qian navigates a precarious path where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur. Ultimately, her journey within the story becomes a quest for self-discovery, forcing her to confront her own desires, fears, and the nature of storytelling itself.


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My Review

In a world filled with romantic comedies, ‘The Romance of Tiger and Rose’ stands out as an unconventional gem, serving a refreshing cocktail of comedy, romance, and social satire.

First and foremost, the leads Zhao Lusi and Ryan Ding serve up an electrifying on-screen chemistry that’s akin to a delightful rollercoaster ride. Zhao Lusi, a seasoned performer in this genre, brings an abundance of charm, balancing the edge of the protagonist’s character with layers of cuteness. Surprisingly, Ryan Ding embodies deviousness and adorableness with such finesse that even when his character QQ tiptoes towards being slightly bothersome, the overall charisma compensates for it. His portrayal retains a clever balance between besottedness and retaining his black-bellied roots, adding depth to the narrative.

Supporting this duo are a cadre of lovable side characters that elevate the storyline. Even the primary antagonist isn’t your typical detestable figure, while the loyal servants provide an engaging bromance with their constant banter.

What truly sets this drama apart is its narrative framework. It takes a unique spin on the usual drama tropes, offering a parody that’s as hilarious as it is insightful. With a female-centric storyline, the show cleverly navigates social commentary, addressing gender divides while maintaining a light-hearted ambiance. Its pace is brisk, resolving plotlines swiftly within two episodes, keeping viewers engaged with its twists and turns. Misunderstandings, instead of dragging the plot, serve as catalysts for the story’s progression, often transformed into absurdly comedic lovers’ spats.

While the music takes a backseat, the sets and costumes offer an appealing visual backdrop, serving the rom-com’s purpose impeccably. The production’s focus lies in creating an aesthetically pleasing setting, allowing the leads’ performances to shine.

This drama is a laughter-inducing rollercoaster that doesn’t lose steam, culminating in a logically satisfying happy ending. It skillfully integrates insightful commentary on male-female relationships within the drama industry and modern society, creating a meta-layer that tickles even the most discerning viewer’s brain cells.

In essence, ‘The Romance of Tiger and Rose’ invites you to watch with eyes wide open, inviting joy and laughter to unfold with each episode, offering a delightful blend of entertainment and thoughtful introspection.

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