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Nazli 2017 is a Turkish Drama Drama that is Now dubbed in Hindi and Provided by HB Hammad Dyar. You can watch Nazli in Hindi on KDramas Maza and Enjoy this Drama for free. You can Watch and Download the drama in Hindi Dubbed. If you don’t know how you can watch then watch the how to download video below. Hope you enjoy this drama and make sure to share and comment your thoughts.


Drama: Turkish
Total Episodes: 31
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: 15+
Aired: 2017
Also Known as: NAZLI
Genres: Drama


Ozan is an irresponsible man who was raised in luxury. His father who owns a famous furniture company sends Ozan to his aunt’s house in village to lecture him. Ozan just can’t get used to his aunt Fatma’s house and village life. But he is impressed by Nazli he meets there. Nazli is so precious with her beauty and assiduity in all villagers’ eyes. Fatma has raised Nazli since she lost her mother when she was a baby and who was left by her father. Nazli doesn’t indulge Ozan at first but then she starts to love this urban man. Fatma who thinks they get too intimate tell them to get married. But Ozan doesn’t want to marry Nazli and looks for a way to escape. Ozan’s mother calls him at wedding night and tells him to get back urgently. Ozan uses this as an excuse and he escapes from the village. Nazli can’t get over with Ozan’s escape. When villagers don’t approve her, Nazli decides to go to Istanbul and kill Ozan in order to restore her honor. Fatma hears this plan and calls Nazli’s natural father who is a rich business man and to take care of her. Nazli’s father and his second daughter take the action to find Nazli. In the meantime Ozan comes back to Istanbul and he learns his father has gone to bankrupt and escaped to abroad. That’s why the company is put up for sale. By the way Nazli comes from village and finds Ozan but she can’t kill him because she loves him. Nazli’s step sister and her father decide to buy Ozan’s company. In this way Nazli steps into a new glamourous life and she gets ready to take revenge from Ozan.


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This series undoubtedly merits more recognition than it initially received. It exudes a delightful charm with a plethora of unexpected twists and turns. I particularly appreciate the female lead’s character traits—down-to-earth, simple, yet resilient and wise. The male lead’s charisma and unwavering love add a captivating dimension to the narrative.

However, my qualms with the story are straightforward: honesty could have alleviated numerous heartaches for both Ozan and Nazli. If Ozan had been more forthcoming in challenging situations, it might have spared them from considerable turmoil. Yet, the absence of such openness is, admittedly, a pivotal element that contributes to the storyline. Additionally, the character Recep, initially portrayed as humble and sweet, undergoes a disheartening transformation towards the end, losing both his sweetness and his endearing stutter, evolving into an irritating, infatuated psycho stalker.

On a positive note, the supporting characters inject a delightful dose of humor and playfulness into the series, making it an engaging watch. Yusuf Cim’s portrayal is endearing, and while his dazzling smile is a highlight, one can’t help but wish for more opportunities to showcase his charismatic charm throughout the show.

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