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My Lethal Man 2023 [Chinese Drama] in Hindi Dubbed

My Lethal Man 2023 [Chinese Drama] in Hindi Dubbed. My Lethal Man is a Chinese Comedy Romantic Drama which is dubbed by Amazon. Love Me Like I Do in Hindi Dubbed is now available on Amazon. You can Watch and Download the drama in Hindi Dubbed. If you don’t know how you can watch then watch the how to download video below. Hope you enjoy this drama and make sure to share and comment your thoughts.


Drama: Chinese
Total Episodes: 24
Status: Completed
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: 13+
Aired: Jan 13, 2023
Also Known as: A Dangerous Man , He Who Is Dangerous to Me , Dui Wo Er Yan Wei Xian De Ta , 對我而言危險的他
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama


In the bustling streets of a modern metropolis, Shen Man Ning, a spirited young woman, becomes entangled in a case that upends her entire existence. When a kidnapping case thrusts her into the realm of enigma and danger, she crosses paths with the enigmatic Zhuang Xin Yan, whose life becomes intricately linked to her own.

However, fate deals a cruel hand as Zhuang Xin Yan meets a tragic demise, plunging Shen Man Ning into a vortex of grief and confusion. Little does she know that this loss is just the beginning of a surreal journey that alters the course of her life forever.

The formidable and elusive Yan Xing Cheng emerges from the shadows, a figure shrouded in mystery and power. In a turn of events as unexpected as the twist of fate itself, Shen Man Ning finds herself coerced into a partnership with Yan Xing Cheng, thrust into the role of his fiancée in a play orchestrated by forces beyond her comprehension.

Initially trapped in a realm of hostility and suspicion, Shen Man Ning and Yan Xing Cheng embark on a tumultuous journey together. As they navigate through treacherous paths and confront adversities, their dynamic begins to shift. From adversaries thrown together by circumstances, they slowly learn to forge an unexpected bond, one that transcends the intricacies of their pasts.

As the layers of mystery surrounding them unravel, their partnership evolves into an unlikely alliance built on trust, resilience, and a shared quest for truth. Together, they delve into the shadows of an unsolved case dating back 17 years, untangling a web of secrets that intertwines their destinies in ways they never could have imagined. In their pursuit of closure, they unearth revelations that challenge their perceptions of justice, love, and the blurred boundaries between loyalty and deception.


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Before delving into “My Lethal Man,” let’s set the record straight—I adored this drama, despite the differing opinions swirling around. The weariness of witnessing dramas where the male lead’s initial ruthlessness dissipates upon wooing the girl has left me yearning for consistency. And guess what? “My Lethal Man” delivers just that—unwavering, unrelenting consistency.

Initially drawn in by the intense male lead, the drama gradually unveils the perfection that lies within the female protagonist. Admittedly, the notion that she bears a striking resemblance to the male lead’s sister might ruffle a few feathers. Trust me, I had my reservations too. But a revelation unfolds—their 17-year separation without contact softens the edges of this peculiar plotline. His love for his sister is tethered not to her current appearance but to an idealized memory of her younger self.

In matters of love, this drama shines a light on a proactive female lead. She fearlessly expresses her feelings, always backing her “I love you” with a simple query: “Do you love me too?” (Not in a pitiful way, mind you, but in a playful manner.) Pay close attention, and you’ll witness the girl relentlessly fighting for their relationship, despite the guy seemingly benefiting more—her chivalry shining through her promises to protect him, shouldering blame, fetching him from work, gently kissing his hand, and a myriad of other subtle gestures. Surprisingly, it’s the guy who’s constantly swooning. She is, quite literally, his sanctuary.

Acting prowess abounds, especially from the male lead who flawlessly embodies lethality in most scenes. Keep an eye on his hair—it’s more than a follicular detail; it encapsulates the scene’s essence, adding an extra layer of enjoyment. Hint: watch for the hair shifts when he’s with the girl versus when he’s alone or at the office.

Kudos to the impeccable direction! Vulnerability in the male lead isn’t overt but manifests through subtle actions—the slight tilt to hide his face in the girl’s neck or his seated posture signifying a profound emotional low.

While this drama was a delight, the veil of the whitening filter occasionally obscured emotions, particularly in close-up shots. From afar, the actors conveyed a gamut of feelings, yet the tear trails or heartfelt expressions got lost up close, occasionally bordering on unintentional comedy. A fervent plea to Chinese productions: abandon the urge to whitewash actors; let their raw emotions shine.

In conclusion, “My Lethal Man” was a gem amidst the dramascape. Here’s hoping for more such engaging narratives in the future. ?

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