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Art of Fighting 2019 Korean Movie in Hindi Dubbed

Art of Fighting 2019 Korean Movie in Hindi Dubbed. Art of Fighting is a Korean Action Drama Sci-fi Movie which is now dubbed by Amazon. Art of Fighting in Hindi Dubbed is now available on Amazon. You can Watch and Download the drama in Hindi Dubbed. I highly recommend you to watch this movie. If you don’t know how you can watch then watch the how to download video below. Hope you enjoy this drama and make sure to share and comment your thoughts.


Drama: South Korean
Duration: 1 hr. 12 min.
Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)
Aired: Dec 19, 2019
Also Known as: ssaumeui gisul , Ssaumui Gisul, The Techniques of Fighting
Genres: Action, Youth, Martial Arts


In a small corner of Deoksang High, Geon Woo enters the scene like a whirlwind. Once a budding talent in taekwondo, his promising career took a detour after an altercation with a judge left him disillusioned and disheartened. As the new arrival at Deoksang, Geon Woo quickly finds himself embroiled in a tussle with the school’s notorious bullies, emerging victorious and inadvertently thrusting himself into the spotlight of school gossip.

Despite a previous disinterest in life’s offerings, this unexpected scuffle ignites a newfound spark within Geon Woo. His initial apathy slowly gives way to intrigue and purpose. Ultimately, he challenges the school’s top fighter, Deok Soo, seizing control by triumphing over him.

Yet, the narrative takes a twist when Sang Goo, the formidable champion from rival Dae Jin High, approaches Geon Woo with a demand for payment, which Geon Woo staunchly refuses. This refusal sets off a chain of events as Sang Goo, seething with discontent, sets his sights on dismantling Geon Woo’s newfound reign and creating chaos in his path. As rivalries clash and loyalties are tested, Geon Woo finds himself navigating treacherous waters in his quest for acceptance and identity within the school’s complex hierarchy.


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“The Art of Fighting” (2019) presents a riveting blend of heart-pounding action, intense martial arts sequences, and a gripping storyline that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats.

Set in a bustling metropolis, the film follows the journey of Ryan Chen, played by a talented emerging martial artist. Ryan, a young and gifted fighter, faces personal challenges amidst the backdrop of a city rife with underground martial arts tournaments. When his family’s struggling dojo falls into jeopardy due to mounting debts, Ryan must navigate a dangerous world of underground fight clubs to save his family’s legacy.

The movie masterfully weaves themes of honor, sacrifice, and perseverance as Ryan dives deeper into the clandestine fighting circuit, encountering both allies and adversaries. Through breathtaking fight choreography and visually stunning sequences, each match becomes a visceral showcase of different martial arts styles, showcasing the beauty and power of diverse fighting techniques.

What sets “The Art of Fighting” apart is its focus on character depth and growth. Ryan’s personal journey transcends mere physical combat; it’s a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of formidable opponents and personal struggles. Along the way, he forges unlikely alliances and discovers the true meaning of martial arts beyond the arena.

The film’s cinematography deserves acclaim, capturing the intensity of each battle and the emotional depth of the characters. Coupled with a compelling musical score that heightens the tension and excitement, viewers are immersed in the electrifying world of underground martial arts.

The ensemble cast delivers standout performances, with Ryan Chen anchoring the narrative with his charisma and skillful portrayal. Supporting characters, including mentors, rivals, and allies, add layers to the story, each contributing to Ryan’s growth and the overall richness of the film.

In summary, “The Art of Fighting” is an adrenaline-fueled martial arts spectacle that transcends the genre’s tropes. It seamlessly blends action-packed sequences with a poignant narrative, delivering a captivating and empowering cinematic experience that resonates beyond the final fight.

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