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Welcome, Today I’ll tell you list of all Korean and Chinese dramas by Genre and you can choose anyone and watch that drama easily. So, before starting I’ll recommend you to watch the list of all dramas that is dubbed till now and I provide on this site Just Click Here to watch the list. Without wasting more time lets start.

Top Action Dramas(Hindi Dubbed):-

  1. Vincenzo
  2. Flower of Evil
  3. The Tale of Nokdu
  4. Descendant of the Sun
  5. Yong Pal
  6. Squid Game
  7. Huang Fei Hong
  8. The Long Ballad
  9. Candle in the Tomb
  10. My Secret Terrius

Top Comedy Dramas(Hindi Dubbed):-

  1. Crash Landing on You
  2. Fight For My Way
  3. The Legend of the Blue Sea
  4. Business Proposal
  5. Please Don’t Date Him
  6. Mr. Queen
  7. Sweet Revenge
  8. My Girlfriend is an Alien
  9. Douluo Continent
  10. The Love by Hypnotic

Top Fantasy Dramas(Hindi Dubbed):-

  1. Goblin
  2. Extraordinary You
  3. The King: Eternal Monarch
  4. The Master’s Sun
  5. Jang Geum Oh My Grandma
  6. My Girlfriend is Gumiho
  7. Angle’s Last Mission Love
  8. Meow the Secret Boy
  9. Martial Universe
  10. Rattan

Top Historic Dramas(Hindi Dubbed):-

  1. Empress Ki (Maharani)
  2. The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
  3. The Taoism Grandmaster
  4. The Smiling Wanderer
  5. King’s Love
  6. Ni Chang
  7. Song of Youth
  8. Story of Yanxi Palace
  9. The Long Ballad
  10. Word of Honor

Top Mystery Dramas(Hindi Dubbed):-

  1. School 2017
  2. One The Woman
  3. VIP
  4. Doctor John
  5. The Sleepless Princess
  6. Love Better Than Immortality
  7. Untouchable
  8. Pinnochio
  9. Save me 2
  10. Good Casting

Top Romantic Dramas(Hindi Dubbed):-

  1. Yeonnam Family
  2. The Way love Begin
  3. Knock on the Happiness Door
  4. A Love So Romantic
  5. Love O2O
  6. Playful Kiss
  7. Love All Play
  8. I am not a Robot
  9. Goodbye to Goodbye
  10. Uncontrollably Fond

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