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Hospital Ship is a Korean Medical Romantic Melodrama which is dubbed by Mx Player. Hospital Ship in Hindi Dubbed is now available on Mx Player. You can Watch and Download the drama in Hindi Dubbed. If you don’t know how you can watch then watch the how to download video below. Hope you enjoy this drama and make sure to share and comment your thoughts.


Drama: South Korean
Total Episodes: 20
Status: Completed
Duration: 70 min.
Content Rating: 15+
Aired: Aug 30, 2017 – Nov 2, 2017
Also Known as: Byungwonsun
Genres: Romance, Drama, Medical


In a departure from the norm, a team of army doctors embarks on a journey aboard a unique vessel—a hospital ship catering to the marginalized denizens residing on remote islands. However, their motivations for extending medical aid are far from altruistic.

Among this diverse cadre of medical professionals, Eun Jae emerges as a stoic surgeon, her once-promising career stalled by unforeseen circumstances. Alongside her, Kwak Hyun, an army doctor specializing in internal medicine, steps forward as the first volunteer for this unconventional mission. Yet, the mix includes Jae Geol, an oriental medicine practitioner begrudgingly serving his term on the floating hospital.

This isn’t the tale of youthful doctors; instead, it’s a narrative threaded with the experiences of seasoned professionals in their thirties. Armed with medical prowess accrued through years of rigorous training, their souls bear the scars of past setbacks, leaving them emotionally barren.

Amidst the seas and the challenges that this hospital ship voyage presents, a unique coming-of-age story unfolds. As these doctors grapple with their personal setbacks and seek redemption, their journey transforms into a quest for compassion, resilience, and the pursuit of a fulfilling existence both within and beyond the confines of the medical profession. This narrative is an odyssey of healing not just for their patients but also for the doctors themselves, as they navigate the depths of their humanity and rediscover the essence of compassionate caregiving.

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Hospital Ship” is a South Korean medical drama that aired in 2017. It follows the story of a medical team on a hospital ship, providing healthcare to remote villages on islands. Here’s a comprehensive review of the series:

Title: Hospital Ship (2017)

Genre: Medical, Romance, Drama

Plot Overview:

The drama centers around Song Eun-jae (played by Ha Ji-won), a skilled surgeon who joins a hospital ship after a traumatic incident in her past affects her career. Onboard the ship, she meets Kwak Hyun (played by Kang Min-hyuk), a warm-hearted doctor who strives to provide medical care to underserved communities.

As the medical team sails to various islands, they encounter diverse patients and situations, facing challenges both in the medical field and in their personal lives. The drama explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, dedication to medicine, and the pursuit of justice.


1. Strong Performances: Ha Ji-won delivers a convincing performance as Song Eun-jae, portraying the character’s emotional journey and inner conflicts effectively. Kang Min-hyuk’s portrayal of Kwak Hyun adds warmth and sincerity to the series.

2. Medical Realism: The drama provides insight into medical procedures and challenges faced by healthcare professionals in remote areas. It sheds light on the importance of providing healthcare to marginalized communities.

3. Character Development: “Hospital Ship” focuses on character growth, not just in the medical realm but also in their personal lives. It explores the backgrounds and struggles of the medical team, allowing viewers to connect with their stories.

4. Emotional Depth: The series touches on various emotional themes, including forgiveness, healing, and personal redemption. It effectively captures the emotional complexities faced by both patients and medical staff.

5. Romantic Subplot: The drama incorporates a romantic storyline between the main leads, adding a touch of warmth and light-heartedness to the series amidst the medical challenges.

6. Pacing and Execution: While the drama effectively portrays medical scenarios and character dynamics, some viewers may find certain parts slow-paced or predictable, particularly in the romantic arc.

Final Thoughts:
“Hospital Ship” offers a blend of medical drama, character-driven storytelling, and a touch of romance. While it provides insight into healthcare challenges and features heartfelt performances, it may not entirely break new ground in terms of plot development or unpredictability.

Verdict: This drama is recommended for those who enjoy medical dramas with a focus on character development, heartfelt moments, and an emphasis on providing medical aid to underserved communities. However, viewers looking for a more fast-paced or unpredictable storyline might find it less engaging.

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